JTK Meat Shoppe


Please, no text, emails, Messenger or calls for orders

If you are having troubles logging in, please send an email with the details of the problem including the username and email of your account to patti@webfrosting.com

Delivery Schedule & Fees

St. Thomas/Aylmer $20.00

Ingersoll $5.00
Dorchester/Thamesford $10.00

Woodstock $10.00
Innerkip/Drumbo $20.00


Orders placed current week will be delivered following week.
All deliveries will be between noon and 5 pm.
If no one will be home, a cooler needs to be left out.
We will deliver pending stock.
If we are out of stock we reserve the right to substitute product or delay delivery.

If you are coming to FARM STORE

WED 1 TO 5
FRI 10 TO 6
SAT 9 TO 4

We will remain open however, with our customers coming to the front of the store where the windows are.

We will have a order window and a pickup window at the front of the store. Our staff will take your order, process it and pass it back to you via the other window.

Due to the increase of demand if we run out of certain product we will substitute your second choice.

If you are coming to store there is NO need to order ahead. We will gladly put your order together when you arrive at store.

You can park in our parking lots each parking space will be marked with a parking curb. For our elderly clients we will bring to your car.

We will continue to maintain our strict sanitation schedule at the store.
We will sanitize the debit machine and all of our staff will continue to wear gloves and change them between customers.

From all of us at the farm store we are sorry that we have to do this and we hope it will be a short change.  We wish all of you health and we hope that we will continue to be your meat shop of choice.

Jeff , Tanya,  Family and Staff

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