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New Products!!!

Posted By Patti Frost

We told you we were bringing in some awesome new products.
Here are the first ones.
Do you like the sausage on a bun you can get at a vendors in the city?  We do….so we brought them to you. Bbq, grill, or fry these bad boys up and your the superstar in your house…that’s a promise!!!!
We got back ribs….pop these in the slow cooker for some serious meat…try them today.
Try these Dry Pepperettes. They are the best you will ever buy!
Mild Sausage $5.46 lb
Hot Sausage $5.46 lb
All Beef Jumbo Ball Park Franks $5.50 lb
Beef and Pork Wiener Jumbo Ball Park Franks $5.50 lb
Dry Pepperettes $4.75 half lb (hot or mild)
Back Ribs $4.00 lb

If you tried our products thank you …if you haven’t. don’t you owe it to yourself to try FARM FRESH meats?.

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