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Agriculture Day 2018

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Agriculture Day 2018

Posted By Patti Frost

A time to celebrate the foods you love and the families that grow them. From the milk you drink to the meat you eat, it’s grown by farmers and their families. Pretty much everything we use has a agricultural part in it.

We farm pork with pride and passion as do all farmers. And today we want to showcase some of our pork products for your family table.

Its often said without farmers no one eats. True, but without families to feed we wouldn’t be farming long. So we all depend on each other.

For the rest of the week we have:

10 lbs pork roast
5 lbs pork chops
5 lbs sausage
5 lbs meaty side ribs

$2.00 per lb

Bacon 5 lb box thick cut

Farm fresh…raised with pride in oxford county

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