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JTK FARMS Testimonials


Posted By Patti Frost

Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!

“Great tasting meat, perfectly portioned and packaged. We have ordered a couple freezer pkgs now and cannot come up with one complaint. Our home will keep ordering from JTK”

— Del Hlatki

“We have been buying from JTK for a while now and I can honestly say best meat we ever bought! Everything is so fresh and tastes amazing. Once you buy farm fresh meat you cannot go back! And the service is amazing!!!!”

— Debby Mendonca

“These guys are the best. The combinations of specials they have are incredible. All local meats. Even better. We had the Friday night special, 2 steaks that were awesome cooked on the BBQ best tasting ever. Mushrooms, potatoes and onion. $20.00. We highly recommend it.”

— Julie Strickler

“I like the way they pack there meat it is pack for your convenience even if you done take it out of the freezer till you get home it is pack so it take less time to thaw and cook there ground beef is the best I have had there chicken breasts are about a lb a peice and no water when you cook them great meat”

— Kelly Pearson

“We have purchased the farm fresh eggs, bacon, breakfast and dinner sausages, hash browns, pork roasts and roasts beef all are amazing! We have also had their ground beef which is quite yummy! We just purchased their pork chops and some chicken breast and can’t wait to try! Everything we have had thus far as been awesome quality at a great price! The customer service is also always so so awesome! We will definitely continue to purchase our meat from them ”

— Sloane Nicholson

“I simply cannot say enough good things about the quality of the product but also the quality of Jeff himself. He and his family are honourable and caring. You cannot find better in either regard!”

— Linda Cox‎

“Holy Moly!

This chicken breast fed three of us with leftovers!! Never shrank either.

I had to cut it in half to get it to cook in time.

Thanks Jeff!

Best meats ever!”

Rene Hoelscher


“We ordered ground beef ! We went to pick it up and came back with chicken pork chops peameal bacon sausage and a few more things ! We had chicken breasts.  I made up 3 different ways some with asparagus seasonings etc! Wow such big breasts! Actually enough for 3-4 people! So so good! We’ll definitely be going again!”

— Sue Everitt-White‎

“Would like to say thanks for the Amazing meat you sold us we’ve tried the bacon which was amazing the roast was even better, the burgers the best we’ve ever had   I am positive to say we will be a long term client of yours!  Keep up the great work.  For anyone thinking about placing an order do so you wont be disappointed !!!!”

— Natasha Lynn Ferguson-Green‎

“Last month we got half a pig from JTK Farms. Now that we’ve sampled it all it’s time to tell you folks what we thought! First off the price was fantastic. The personal delivery service to my door was great. But to top it all off the meat has been AWESOME! There isn”t anything we weren’t happy with. In the past when we’ve gotten pork from a butcher we found any meat..ie..bacon and ham that we paid to have smoked lacking in flavor. Not Jeff’s. Mmmmm Mmmmm tastes just like Schneiders. So very pleased with our order. Thanks JTK Farms!”

— Sherri Rawcliffe-Brouwer

“My boyfriend and I ordered a large variety of meat, the pork bacon and ham steaks are the best pork I’ve ever had, I can’t wait to try the rest of the meat. Amazing prices and amazing quantity and quality ?? we will definitely be ordering again!”

— Katrina Towns

“Oh my word, tonight we had the Smoked Pork Chops for supper, they were the best will be ordering them again for sure tomorrow night the braising ribs and if they taste as good as they look will also be ordering more of them. Thank you so much.”

— Nita Van Boekel

“Can i just say thank you so very much to Jeff and Bill and all the hard work you gentleman do! I have gotten 3 of your freezer sale packs and the chicken is soooo tasty! Love quality deals on fantastic tasting meat 🙂 you guys are always a pleasure to work with! Keep up the great work

— Katrina McLennan‎

“Steaks were great thanks for delivering even though weather wasn’t great

See you in the new year”

Chantel Pryce



alex “So we cooked up those sausage patties and made breakfast sandwiches for supper.

Topped them off with eggs and farm fresh bacon and cheese.

I think the picture speaks for itself. Delicious!!”

Mark Petronis




“Everything I’ve ordered is amazing! The quality is so superior to grocery store and I’ll be back again and again! Thank you so much!”

— Gisele Johnston

“What amazing quality of meat for the money. We bought the weekenders package and the chicken/ground beef and wow. It was amazing. Cant wait for the sausage next weekend.”

— Carrie and Reggie Lacroix

“We stopped in yesterday to pick up a couple sampler pkgs…. we had the steaks for dinner…… OMG!!!!! so good. I am looking forward to trying the rest”

— Corrie Wood

“Best meat you will purchase and eat from this company. I strongly recommend everything. My family ate from sirloin steaks, chicken breast, ground beef, pork side ribs. I recommend to anybody looking for farm fresh meat. You will come back wanting more thats for sure. Thanks Ingersoll Farm Fresh Meats.”

T-Jay Carter

“Jeff and his staff and family provides our community with quality meats right from the farm to your table! High quality in affordable quantities! We can not say enough good things about this product! Fresh, nicely packaged in family servings! Wonderful! Thank you Jeff for providing this much needed service to the community!”

Brenda Cowell

” I just want to say my daughter bought a $65 meat package this week (which was delivered yesterday thanks for the delivery) we cooked the beef roast last night and it was so tender u could cut with a butter knife we will be buying from u again thanks so much”

Tracy Lawlor

“OMG, my first try of ribs tonite! Must give myself a little credit for the seasoning and cooking, but best ribs I have EVER had! Need some more of those!”

Feeling Satisfied


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